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Hello & Welcome To Dream Works By Marlo 
I am excited to have you here!

Let me introduce myself: I am a 51 year old single mother doing my best to make it thru life. I have had quite a journey, experienced many great joys and many deep hardships. I am not unique as most of us have our own journey and life lessons to venture thru. What we take from these experiences is what makes each of us unique. Thru the grace of my creator and a supportive group of friends and family never leaving my side I have achieved many great things in life. This store being one. 

In 2016, I became a single parent to my then nine year old daughter. This was no easy task at such a late age in life (I was 45 then). After a difficult divorce, I found myself poor, tired, depressed and lonely. But I had to pick myself up, push forward and be a strong roll model for my daughter. So I worked hard to make a better life for us. Unable to leave my home to seek work due to my physical disability, I had to find a way to make money from the comforts of my home. So E-Commerce seemed like a viable solution. I began taking several Ecommerce training courses and found one that really inspired me to start this store in 2021. E-com Babes with Courtney Fletcher. Her training program is geared specifically for motivated entrepreneurial women who have the drive to succeed. Less than one year later, this store launched!

I am the last of 15 children, ten girls, five boys. My sisters have been amazing roll models and great pillars of strength for me my entire life. When it came time to decide what products I wanted to sell the answer was easy for me; products that empower the human spirit, especially for women. So here you have it... products that I have either personally developed, hand crafted, designed and/or fully tested that made a difference in my life. I'm sharing them with you in hopes that they make a difference in your life. My "exclusive" line of products are handcrafted and infused with awesome positive energy. Each piece handcrafted with pure love and light in our hearts from either myself and/or my team of angels. 

To any woman who has had to pick herself up over and over again, let me say to you "you got this girl". Don't be afraid to start over. This new journey will take you to places you never could have imagined. Fear not the unknown, for your creator has a better plan for you. Just get up and take your first step forward. Let the adventure begin.

Here at Dream Works, we are deeply, sincerely devoted to your personal journey. Our store features unique specialty items designed to specifically heal your mind, body and soul. They will aid you on your journey to empower your soul with courage and optimism to discover your inner self. Our store features products that will help you fulfill your sacred purpose and aid in your journey to awakening and healing your soul. 

We are excited and grateful to have you visit our store. We wish you well on your journey to becoming the greatest version of yourself, thru deep inner spiritual healing.

If I can do this, so can you! I'm a two time cancer survivor, have lost loved ones (mother and sisters), has a brutal divorced after 15 years of marriage, battle with IBS and Chronic Fatigue daily, and currently raising a teenage daughter by myself. The only thing that can stop my success is me. And I've decided to get out of my own way and pick myself up and "get-r-done". No more excuses. I have survived the worst battles of my life and nothing but love and light will fill my remaining days. For I have awakened and I pray you do to!

Namaste and God Bless.

Sincerely, your friend, sister of the light and supporter of your success!

Marlo Ellis

I would love to hear about your story and journey to success. Feel free to email me at: "let me know if I can share your story on my person blog"

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  • I love my amazing sister Marlo. She has worked so hard to create this on-line store and sell her beautiful empowering products. She, like all of you deserve to be happy!

    Lisa Willenbrock

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