Saging 101, How to cleanse your home!

You may be familiar with the idea of saging your home in order to clear out negative energy, but what does it actually mean to sage your home?

What is it?
Saging is a traditional technique of smoke cleansing that has its roots in the Native American tradition of smudging. The idea stems from the idea that energy is all around us – it’s in people, places, and even objects. “When you sage your home, you’re ridding the space of unwanted, negative energy,” adds Latchford. “This cleanses the space, readying it for an influx of positive energy.”

How do you do it?
First, open your windows so the negative energy can leave your space. The, light the sage, and once it catches fire, blow it out so all that’s left is the smoke and incense. Lastly, walk around your home while wafting the smoke around. You’ll want to make sure that you take special care to get the smoke in the corners and crevices of your space. Some people use a feather and a fan to help move the smoke along. When saging your whole home, you’ll want to go room by room, ending up at a door to the outside.

When should you do it?
Short answer: anytime! But Latchford adds that it’s also a good idea when you move into a new place as it’ll allow you to get rid of negative energies past tenants may have left behind.

Are there any alternatives?
If you’re sensitive to the smoke or the smell, there are other things you can use. For instance, sage spray containing essential oils and water can be used in places where smoke is illegal, unhealthy, or not allowed. If it’s the smell of sage that bothers you, try palo santo, which is more of a wood than an herb that gives off a slightly sweet aroma.

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